Ready project Maternity Hospital for 15 beds.

CODE - HP-014

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Project ready with:

Unit Services with the following sections:
Patients Reception
Waiting Room
Patients Registration Area
Woman in Labor Reception Area
Room for Woman in Labor Examination, Admission and Hygienic Cleaning
Rooms for Prebirth and Birth
Post-Birth Rooms
Living Room
Nursing Health Center
Room to Keep and Prepare Anaesthetics
Prebirth Room
Area for Anaesthetical Introduction
Normal Birth Room
Area to Wash Hands
Room for Surgical Birth / Curettage
Room for Intrauterine Manual Aspiration ( AMIU )
Area for Assistance of Newborn
Area for Medical Prescription
Area for After-Anaesthetical Recovery
Expugation Room
Utilities Room
Storage for Cleaning Material
Parking Lot
Other Rooms

The ready project (eBook) contains:

1) Project ready in file for AutoCAD (.dwg) (sheets format A0 or A1), with:
- Construction plants
- Layout of the equipment
- Cuts
- Facade
- Situation plant of the construction site
- Plants of the offices, changing rooms, dining rooms and other annexes of the company
2) 3D design
3) Basic construction memorial
4) List of equipment
5) List of Equipment Suppliers
6) List of construction and budget materials
7) Physical-Financial Construction Schedule
8) Production Flowgraph

How to start Maternity Hospital for 15 beds. Project and Layout


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Maternity Hospital for 15 beds.




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Project - how to start Maternity Hospital for 15 beds.