Ready project Factory Milk Powder Packing with capacity for 13.000 Kg/day.

CODE - LTC-094-E

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Project ready with:

Industry with the following sections:

Reception Platform of Milk Powder
Physical and Chemical Laboratory
Microbiological Laboratory
Production Room
Packing Room
Cold Chamber
Dressing Room

The ready project (eBook) contains:

1) Project ready in file for AutoCAD (.dwg) (sheets format A0 or A1), with:
- Construction plants
- Layout of the equipment
- Cuts
- Facade
- Situation plant of the construction site
- Plants of the offices, changing rooms, dining rooms and other annexes of the company
2) 3D design
3) Basic construction memorial
4) List of equipment
5) List of Equipment Suppliers
6) List of construction and budget materials
7) Physical-Financial Construction Schedule
8) Production Flowgraph

How to start Factory Milk Powder Packing Project and Layout


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Factory Milk Powder Packing




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Project - how to start Factory Milk Powder Packing