Ready projects for Candy factories and chocolates

Factories of fruit candy, sweet milk, sweet of Mocotó, chocolates.



Bullets factories, Caramel, gum, lollipops, gelatine, Melzinho, Sigh

Projects for Bullets factories, caramels, gum, lollipops, jellies, Melzinho, Sigh


Factory Processing plants Ice Cream Syrup, Sugar Cream, sugar-paste

Projects for Syrup Factory Ice Cream, Cream and Foundan


Factories Candy Diet, Light sweets, with no added sugar Jams, No Lactose

Projects for Diet candy factories


Factory Fruit Candy Factory, Fruit Jams, Jellies, Crystallized Candies

Projects for Fruit Candy Factory, Crystallized, Jellies, Candies


Sweet factories Milk Creamy Sweet Milk Bar, Milk Sweet Sachets

Projects for Sweet Milk factories


Chocolate factories, truffles, sweets and Lollipop, Merengue Bread Honey

Projects for Chocolate factories, truffles, Merengue Bread and Honey






Projects for Candy factories and chocolates



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