Ready projects for Wine factories, beer, distilled, brandy and rapadura

Wine factories, small breweries, distilled factories, cognac, cachaša (brandy), cassava pinga, liquors, cocktails, vinagres, alcohol production, teas, rapadura and brown sugar.



Processing plants Sugarcane, Brown Sugar, Brown Sugar,

Projects for Sugar Cane Products Factories, Brown Sugar, Brown Sugar, Molasses, sugar cane juice (Caldo de Cana)


Factory Processing plants Cachaša mills, Brandy, Stills, Distilled Spirits

Projects for Factories and Brandy Cachaša, Stills, Cachaša factories, Brandy, Bi-Distilleries)


Factory Processing plants Beer,Micro Processing plants Beer, Special Beer

Projects for Beer factories, Micro-Brewery


Cocktails factories, Caipirinha, Rum, Liqueurs, Spirits with Mel

Projects for Cocktails factories and Caipirinha, Rum, Liqueurs, Spirits with Honey and Teas


Alcohol,bagasse vinegar Cana,banana vinegar,apple vinegar,wine vinegar

Projects for Alcohol factories, bagasse vinegar Cane, Banana vinegar, apple cider vinegar, wine vinegar


Processing plants Wine factories, mills and Sparkling Grape Juice

Projects for Wine factories, Sparkling Wine and Grape Juice






Projects for Wine factories, beer, distilled, brandy and rapadura



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