Ready projects for Vegetable Product Factories

Factories for juice production and fruit pulp, processed vegetables, toasted chestnut, corn flour, cassava flour, lyophilized foods, banana processing, soy milk, cereals, coffee roasting, rice processing, popcorn, dried tomatoes, Catchup, mustard, potato, pepper.



Processing Banana (Frinha Banana Green Banana Chips, Pass, Biomass)

Projects for Banana Processing plants (Banana Powder, Banana Chips, Banana Raisin, Banana Raisin with Chocolate coverage, Banana Jam, Mashed Banana, Banana Nectar)


Factory Processing plants Potato and Cassava (Pre Frozen Fries, Chips)

Projects for Potato and Cassava Processing Factories


Factory Plants Cashew processing factories (Cashew, pulp, juice, cajuína)

Projects for Factories Cashew Processing, Chestnut paste, cashew juice, cashew candies


Factory Processing plants Cereal, Rice, Beans, Breakfast Cereals, Coffee

Projects for Factories Cereal Processing, Cereal plants (Rice, Beans, Breakfast Cereals) and Coffee


Processing plants Coco (Coconut Water, Coconut Milk, Grated Coconut)

Projects for Coco processing plants, Coconut Water Manufacture of Coconut Milk


Canned vegetables, pepper, Palmetto, Pickles, Mushroom Seasoning

Projects for Canned Vegetable plants (mustard, mayonnaise, vegetables, corn, peas, garlic, pepper, Heart of Palm Pupunha, paprika, pickles, mushroom, spices


Factory Pap factories, Soup Powder, Ready to Drink Tea, Mate Tea, etc

Projects for Pequi paste factories, Soup Powder, Tea, Roasting Malt, Urucum Dye Production and Manufacturing Pap Children


Factory Food factories Lyophilized, Granola and other types of flour

Projects for Food factories Lyophilized, Granola and other types of flour


Processing plants Cassava flour mills, starch Cassava, Polvilho Sour

Projects for Cassava flour mills


Factory Corn Flour mills, for Hominy Corn, Cornmeal, Flocão Corn

Projects for Corn Flour mills, for Hominy Corn and cornmeal


Factories Polvilho Sweet, Sour Polvilho, starch, starch, cassava flour

Projects for Polvilho plants, starch, starch and cassava flour


Factory Vegetable plants (Minimally Processed Vegetables, Dehydrated

Projects for Leaves and vegetable processing plants (processing vegetables Minimum, Dehydrated Vegetables)


Factory Corn: Flour, cornmeal, popcorn, Snacks, Breakfast Cereals, Corn

Projects for Corn Processing Factory (Flour, cornmeal, Popcorn Candy, Popcorn Micro Wave, type Snack's Snacks, Breakfast Cereals, Pamonha, juice and Corn)


Projects for Factory plants Pepper (pepper sauce,pepper Preserved,in natura) ;Pepe (Sugo e Pasta di Pepe, Pepe in Natura, Pepe in Conserva, Pepe Calabresa)


Factory Fruit processing plants (Sweets, juices, etc.) and Fruit Pulp

Projects for Fruits and Fruit Pulp Processing Factory (Acerola, Pineapple, Cashew, Mango, Papaya, Passion Fruit, Strawberry, Guava, Tomato)


Factory Plants Soy (soy oil, soy milk, soy protein), Oil, Essential Oils, Oil

Projects for Soy Processing Plants (Soybean Oil, Soy Milk, Soy Flour, Soy meat) Sauces (English sauce, Shoyu Sauce) and oils (castor, Palma)


Factory Processing Tomato:Tomato extract, paste, Ketchup, Dried Tomato

Projects for Tomatoes plants (Tomato Extract, Tomato Pulp, Ketchup, Dried Tomatoes)






Projects for Vegetable Product Factories



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