Ready projects for Rural buildings

Breeding of ostriches, bird farms, gangs for goats and sheep, pork granja, stables for bovine and cutting, Currais, Shed for bovine confinement, bees creation, stirks, biodigesters, railings,



Chicken farm for breeding Chicken and Poultry Slaughterhouse

Projects for Grits Chickens creation


Plants Farms for Quail Breeding Layers and Quail Court - Quail Breeding

Projects for Creation of Quails


Farm for Broiler breeding and refrigerators Slaughter Chickens

Projects for Chickens creation Court


Creating Ornamental Poultry, Shed for creating ducks, turkeys, etc.

Projects for Creating Other poultry (ducks, turkeys, etc.)


Laying Hens creation for Egg Production Commercial - Commercial Egg

Projects for Chickens breeding Laying hens (for the production of commercial eggs)


Creation Hens Breeders (production headquarters), incubator eggs

Projects for Creation Hens Breeders (production headquarters), incubator eggs


Plants Creating Avestruze (ostrich), Slaughterhouses Ostrich Slaughter

Projects for Creation of Ostriches


Plants Cattle breeding Milk, Beef Cattle breeding, milking room

Projects for Cattle breeding


Plants Creating Goats (Goat Raising), Capril, milking room for Milk

Projects for Creating Goats


Creation Coelho, creating network Fish Tanks, frog farms, Hydroponics

Projects for Rabbits creation, Silk Toy, Equine, dunghill, Mini Station for Sewage Treatment, Biodegestores, frog farms.


Swine Plant Conventional Swine Farm for breeding or Bed Sobreposta

Projects for Swine creation






Projects for Rural buildings



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