Ready projects for Industries in general

Projects for factories for activated coal production, alcohol, school chalk, styrofoam, extinguishers maintenance, candles, toilet paper production, natural liquid smoke, toothpick, confections



Industry to Produce Ceramics (tiles, floors, Expanded Clay) - Ceramic

Projects for Industry to Produce Ceramics (tiles, floors, Expanded Clay, Pottery)


Concrete plant, blocks, slab Pre Molded, Poles, Marble Synthetic

Projects for Industry Concrete Products and Cement and Asphalt Artifacts


Computers, Solar Panels, Solar Collectors, Fans, etc - Solar Collectors

Projects for Industry to Produce Electrical and Electronic and Appliances, Fans, Hoods, Electric Trolleys, Packing machines, ovens, stoves, Computers


Charcoal, furniture, mops, brooms, Briquette, Sawmill, Toys - Wood

Projects for Industry for Wood Products (Coal Production Barbecue, Charcoal, Coconut Fiber, Furniture, Toothpick, Toothpick for Popsicle, Spade ice cream, Clothes Catch, Skewer BBQ, Broom Handle, Rodo, Broom, Briquette and Sawmill)


Aluminium casting, electroplating, anodizing, Frames, Cookware, etc.

Projects for Metals Production industry (Sealing for Plates, Aluminum Recycling, Aluminum and Grey Iron Castings, Electroplating and Locksmiths)


Toilet Paper, Wipes Lecos, Notebooks, Tray eggs, etc - Factory Paper

Projects for Industry Paper Products (Paper, Paper Coffee Strainer, wet towels and Paper Recycling)


Injected plastic, Plastic Cups, PVC liner, PET bottles, PVC pipes

Projects for Industry Plastic Products


Industry for Glass Products, aquariums, mirrors, bottles, cups - Glass Plant

Projects for Industry for Glass Products


Industry Marble and Granitaria production cut stones - Cut Stones

Projects for Industry Marble and Granitaria


Incense, Candle, Liquid Smoke, Alcohol Gel, tires, paint, Insecticide, Spray

Projects for Several industries (Activated Carbon, Alcohol, Chalk, paint, tires, styrofoam, fire extinguisher maintenance, candles, Insecticides, Liquid Smoke and Natural Diapers and Disposable Absorbent)






Projects for Industries in general



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